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How to Perform Case Sensitive Search in Google Chrome?


For you to be successful in performing case-sensitive search in Google, you are required to go to the Find bar (Ctrl + F) located in the Firefox.  This Find bar has a “Match Case” option that can help you to perform this task. For instance if you type the word “RAM” in the find box, you are going to see the browser  highlighting the word “RAM”  and not Ram or ram.

Case Sensitive Search in Google ChromeFor quite some time now, it has been a difficult exercise to perform a case-sensitive search inside Google Chrome. It has been hectic for people requesting for assistance on this front. The request for this kind of assistance can be traced back to the years of Chrome but these requests have been rejected due to various reasons.

Due to this, you are not likely to witness a situation where case-sensitive search is going to take place in Google Chrome anytime soon. Good news to you is that there is of course another alternative that you can use to perform a case-sensitive search in goggle. For the time being, the following bookmarklet has proved to be a good alternative to get you there.

Case Sensitive Search

When using a case sensitive search, you are required to on the link of this book marklet that is located on the bookmarks toolbar. From here you are required to type any word or phrase that you are intending to find. After this, this bookmarklet will highlight all the found results by marking them with a yellow color; further, all the cases will be matched.

If you are not done with your search, you are required to repeat this whole process so as to do more searches. In this regard, you are required to click on this bookmarklet again to perform another search of your next series of words or phrases. For more information on this bookmarklet, you can click on this link; source code. The above procedure is what you can follow and get to perform your case sensitive search in google chrome.


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