Geo Tau Aisay

Positive Thinking – Successful Thinking – Difficulty Becomes Light

Our happiness and worries somewhat depends on our attitude. The circumstances from which we are going through also depend upon our perception, the way we think or the way we consider anything. The way we think about things in our life matters a lot. If we have positive attitude towards anything then we get a positive result and if we think anything as negative then we’ll get the same result. The world where we live is also a good place or a bad place to live but it totally depends upon how we think about it and how we live our life.


As we know we have many problems in our lives and for facing those problems we have two ways, either to respond in a positive way or in a negative way. The best way is to sustain a positive stance in every condition and stay peaceful. For instance, you are facing a financial loss and you have two ways to react in that condition, either you take that loss a part of business, accepts it and move on while thinking to do better next time. Similarly, another way is to just lose your temper and messed up in everything around you, and this is no doubt a very bad situation which not only affects your mind, but also your health too.

There is a huge difference between positive and negative attitude in context of thinking. The people with positive approach have so many ways of learning and growing, but those with negative approach limit themselves in doing innovative things, will be totally confused and never test themselves in an unknown area.

Most of the people around us want to know how to create or maintain a positive attitude. It’s so simple; you just have to be so calm and not very responsive towards any failure or any problem when it occurs and try to give yourself some time to look and observe what is good for you and what is bad. It is important to have an ability to wait for the right time to speak something because when we are panic we speak negative things due to our negative attitude and so we make ourselves far away from the better things in life.

In order to live our life easy, there is an immense need to start thinking in a positive way but also with a positive attitude. As we are always facing different challenges and it is obvious we cannot move forward in our life with negative attitude and achieve the best as we want. To get something great in our life we have to do experiments and as we all know about the fact that only the people with positive attitude have the guts to try something new to generate a new thing.

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