Professor Beethoven’s First Adventure – The Pacific Ocean [Book Review]

eBooks have today emerged as a great source of learning online. You do not need to buy a hard copy of any book from book store. It has been now quite a lot easier by the help of eBooks, where you can get a soft copy of any book of your choice while sitting at home.

the-pasific-oceanA great eBook, which I would highly recommend kids to read, is the  Professor Beethoven’s First Adventure – The Pacific Ocean. It is based upon a journey Professor Beethoven takes on Barnacle Bill’s ship. His close friend, Tad the frog asks a bundle of questions throughout their way on the Pacific Ocean, which are answered in an interesting manner. In addition to this, Barnacle Bill who is a Marine merchant adds a lot of interest to the scenes with a lot of sea stories he as to tell them both. Another friend who accompanies them is Kat.

This eBook is for all the reasons very helpful in academic development, as well as a good source of recreation for kids around 8 years old. A lot of questions and answers are done throughout the book, which helps a lot in explaining many facts about the Pacific Ocean. The storyline is very comprehensive. A kid would for sure love the adorable cartoon characters developed by Joe Oriolo, creator of an earlier story concept of ‘Casper and the friendly ghost’.

Each character is hilarious in itself; Bill the Butcher being hearing impaired makes it a little funny when he misinterprets what others say, Kat nap being huge and a bright shade of orange, and Tad who precisely looks like a green toad with spectacles and is extremely curious throughout the story, asking numerous questions all the time.

All the pictures included in the book are extremely well drawn and attractive to the kids, and this book is for sure a great source of learning and re-creation for 8 to 9 year olds.