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Provide Trainings & Technical Expertise to Over 700 Trainees

Reon Energy Solutions and COMSATS

Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) has initiated a capacity building project, ‘Skills for Biogas Plants’, to provide training for the installation of Biogas units all over the Punjab. The project will promote the use of renewable energy resources in rural communities by providing trainings for biogas supervisors and technicians.

This collaborative initiative has been successfully launched by Reon Energy Solutions along-with COMSATS Institute of Information Technology – Abbottabad

During the program more than 700 trainees from Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur and Khanewal were given an orientation and training on the latest techniques used for building Bio-Gas plants and producing energy through Bio-Gas technology.

By utilizing standardized and structured trainings of biogas plant supervisors and technicians the project will contribute in reducing dependence on conventional costly energy sources and will improve living standards for rural communities. At the end of the training programme, the learners were awarded with Certificates and Scholarships.

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Abbottabad has been an iconic institute known for delivering supreme services in academics and research. Along with academic & research services, CIIT Abbottabad has been working for the development of deprived community through its outreach department; COMSATS Community Development Unit (CCDU). CCDU is striving for community empowerment using bottom up approach for the uplift of extremely vulnerable, marginalized and poorest of the poor. CCDU has played vital role in the relief and rehabilitation of earthquake (2005), Conflict, and Flood (2010) affected communities. CCDU has been working under Community Development, Professional Development, Environmental Development and Disaster Management Programs across Pakistan.

Reon Energy Solutions possesses technical expertise and experience in Solar and Biogas installations. It has installed  more than 20 biogas projects that have led to marked reductions in operational and energy expenses while increasing outputs. Other Biogas projects that are also successfully running all over Pakistan include milk chilling, power generation and agri-solutions. Reon Energy Solutions operates throughout Pakistan and through its renewable energy solutions is making a difference in numerous business fields such as telecom, health, education, agriculture and industry. Reon Energy Solutions aims to give its customers an energy abundant future by harnessing the potential of the environment in a safe and sustainable manner.

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