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Ramzan Mubarak – Perfect Sehri during Travel

Fasting becomes even more challenging when you are traveling. To ensure good health during your entire journey, it is extremely important to carefully plan all your meals. Needless to say, Sehri marks the start of your day and your fast therefore should be the healthiest one. If you are one of those who struggle with the lack of Sehri options every Ramadan, this article is exactly for you. Jovago Pakistan hereby provides a list of healthy yet fulfilling Sehri options that will keep you charged and on your toes during your entire travel.

Oatmeal dishes

Starting your day with an oatmeal provides an energy booster for the entire day. Rich in vitamins, minerals and lipids, oatmeal is considered fourth healthiest food worldwide which possesses endless benefits for our health. Start your travel with a bowl full of oatmeal to fuel up your entire journey!

Raw fruits and whole grains

One of the basic concerns during travel is to find food options which are handy and can be consumed on-the-go! In this case, it is best to bag some fresh fruits and granola bars in your bag which can be consumed anytime during your travel. Rich in nutrients and minerals and easy to carry, fruits and grains make one of the most gratifying and energy-rich Sehri option during your travel.

Lots of Yogurt and yogurt made products

With Ramadan also comes the scorching heat of early summers which makes fast even more challenging! Having yogurt during the early day cleanses and prepares our digestive system for the strenuous journey ahead. Yogurt made products such as Lassi , Chaas and Smoothies, therefore become excellent options to fuel yourselves for the rest of the day!

Water all the way

There is no other way to keep yourself hydrated to combat this hot and humid weather than to consume the right amount of water. Some people prefer to have caffeine over water during their Sehri which further dehydrates the body during the rest of the day. It is therefore recommended to have a good amount of water during your Sehri. However, be careful to drink water gradually and slowly while eating Sehri; as drinking too much water too quickly sometimes dilutes the stomach acid content and causes bloating and indigestion.

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