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Reon Solar Energy Provides the light of knowledge to TCF School at HUBCO


As per the recent statistics published by the United Nations Development Program, 1.4 billion people worldwide do not have access to electricity and another 1 billion hasan unreliable electricity network. This has led to a numerous efforts by various private sector organizations to develop solutions for electricity in remote locations. One such initiative is that of Hub Power Company Limited(HUBCO) with expertise from Reon Energy Limited.

The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF) School, HUBCOIPGDL Campus collaborated with Reon to provide for an uninterrupted source of electricity for the School. The School is one of the pioneers in the TCF network of schools to be equipped with a solar electrification system. The system has been installed with backup batteries to provide for energy during night and cloudy days. The project was completed within a month’s time.

Inam-ur-Rahman – CEO, REON Energy Limited said, “Pakistan due to its strategic geographic location can make use of solar energy technologies for a constant and a free energy supply. An uninterrupted source of energy is crucial for a quality education. Public and private sector hence must partner to eradicate this energy depravity from the lower stratums of Pakistan.”

Reon Energy Limited, the solution provider for the project, is the renewable energy company of Dawood Hercules Corporation. DHCL is thelargest player in the private energy sector in Pakistan – intotal controlling up to 1800 MW of generation capacity with ventures like HUBCO, TenagaGenerasi Limited, Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company, EngroPowergen and Laraib Energy.

Reon Energy’s solar solution has now been running effectively for more than a year and has created cost synergies for the institution. TCF School HUBCO has emerged above dismal conditions and is the foremost school in the Southern Region to operate on solar energy.


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