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Strategies to Increase Sales for Online Retailers in Pakistan


Ever since the development of internet technology, the market dynamics have also changed around quite a bit. The phenomena of shopping online has taken over the retail as well as whole sale industry. Now sellers simply list their products online on their own websites or on common marketplaces (businesses specifically designed to sell other individual’s products). Other than the retail industry, the service sector also has online presence. They may be providing services online, like online tutoring, or giving out contact information and location details.


Selling goods and services online is not any easy job.There are a few technicalities of how you can effectively sell online. Irrespective of the nature of your business, it is vital to acquire online traffic of target audience. You may have the best quality products and cheapest prices on a well-designed website but it might be hidden away in web darkness away. Converting potential customers into paying/ repeated customers is another challenge. Conversion optimization as it is called can be achieved through building loyalty and gaining trust.

Content Marketing:

This involves attracting your customers through high quality content which links all marketing to your business objectives.

Paid Advertising:

Search engine market marketing (SEM), online advertising and Pay per click (PPC)is paid marketing for on google, yahoo, and other search engines for traffic generation. Local listings can help shoppers to find your page, contact information and address easily.


These could be sent out via emails to all returning customers or customers who have made any sort of purchase from the website on a monthly or weekly basis. However a newsletter often fails to give companies desired response due to excessive spamming.

Organic Marketing:

This involves ranking high/on the top on search engine result pages this is called search engine optimization. Google crawlers make sure that there is no keyword stuffing simply to rank higher, instead genuine strong user experience.

Public Relations:

The PR handles, or officially gives out any information or so message the company intents its clients to know through press release. The PR can also take a more personal approach to educate buyers and sellers about their business model. For sellers, they need to be on board with the how to sell online, how update inventory online, delivery channels and what method of payment they will be adopting. This can be done through hosting workshops and seminars.

Other common forms of marketing include televised or radio commercials and social networks.

Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter, Linked In are just a few of popular social networks to enlist your business on. Almost all websites including,, and use some or all of the following channels to market their goods online.


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