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Three Google Maps Tips for Easy Travels

In today’s time, any traveler cannot afford to miss to download Google Maps app on their iPhone or Android smartphone while visiting any new place. In the past few months, Google has added more value added features to make this app more handy and efficient for its users.

Consider the following Google Maps’ tips and tricks compiled by Jovago Pakistan that will help you make your next holiday destination more navigable.

Offline Mode for Google Maps

This feature is available for both iPhone and Android smartphone users. Through this, you may simply save maps of your desired destination while at home when you have access to internet and later access it offline. This would help you to greatly save on the mobile internet packages and help you efficiently allocate your limited travel budget on things that you desire to purchase.

Share location with your friends

Most people are still unaware of this functionality of the App. Suppose you want to share your location details with your friend in a foreign land but you are unable to describe your current location. In this kind of a situation, all you need to do is press the geo-locate icon on your app and then press and hold on that location to drop a pin on a map. By swiping on the display to bring secondary menu, you can tap on ‘Share’ option to share your location with anyone you desire.

Voice Search

In order to facilitate the consumers, this app offers the option of searching any surrounding location or destination by simply calling out the name of the place aloud. This saves a traveler from the hassles of excessive texting while travelling. By simply tapping the microphone option on the search bar and voicing your desired destination, Google Maps provides a range of appropriate results for your query.

Did we miss any tips and tricks that can help a traveler? Share with us in the comments below!

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