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Tips to Become an Android Master

Android is an operating system that offers a lot of interesting and useful features. It is almost impossible that anyone has completely explore this awesome OS.

androidIf you are willing to explore Android, thinking of getting one, or just want to make maximum out of your Android smartphone, read this article thoroughly as it is going to be very useful for you. So, let start the journey:

Getting Started

Want to get an Android instead of iPhone?

If you want to switch your iPhone to an Android, just go for it. Don’t worry about the data. Now there are many ways to transfer data from iPhone to Android.

Improve App Search

Of-course, you choose Android because of the awesome apps. But you don’t have to go through thousands of app to find a good one, you can follow these simple steps for this purpose.

Share Your Apps with Loved Ones

When you get a good app, you would definitely want to share it with your friends, family and the loved ones. These steps would help you in transferring app from your smartphone to other Android users.

Add Multiple Accounts on Your Android

You may think that you can only add Gmail account to your Android device. It is not true, you can add multiple accounts at a time.

Maintain your Android

Make a backup of your Android device

It is always safe to backup your data. You can do it very easily in your Android smartphones.

Monitor your data usage

You can easily monitor the data usage on your Android. It was never that easy, learn different options to track your data usage.

Keep an eye on the use of battery

If you are worried because your Android device get discharged often, learn to keep an eye on the apps that are using most of your charge.

Care is Better than Cure

Select the best screen lock for your Android device

The first thing that you use to secure your smartphone is screen lock. We would tell you how you can select the best lock for your device that suits your requirements.

Keep you Android protected on Wi-Fi

Wi-FI has become a necessity for our smartphones. Learn some tips that would help you in protecting your device while you are surfing the web on public Wi-Fi.

Check if any of your apps is cheating you

Learn to check all the apps on your Android device, and make sure they are not hurting your privacy or secretly charging you money.


Hack your own Android

These video tutorials allow you to play with your Android.

Restore factory settings

If you fail to hack your Android, or you want to sell your android device, or facing any other problem, you can always go for a factory reset.

We hope that you have enjoyed learning your loving Android. These tips would definitely help you in establishing a better understanding with your operating system. If you want to ask any question, or have any suggestion for us, please leave a comment below. Good day!

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