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Tips for Shiny and Straight Hair by Dr. Khurram Mushir


Tired of trying for making the stuff of your hair look better and shiny? Are you looking for beautiful shiny and straight hair that gives a bouncy look, all you need to do is try this remedy, once you have tried it you will see that it actually works. There are many things that you can use to make your hair glow or shine, but the side effects of those chemicals are seen more often. It’s better to use natural things on the hair rather than chemicals which gives them temporary shine and destroys them for forever.

Tips for Shiny and Straight Hair

Tips for Shiny and Straight Hair by Dr. Khurram MushirFollowing are the tips which one can use to make the hair straight, soft and shiny, both girls and boys can use this remedy. All the ingredients are natural and it has no side effects, as all the ingredients are natural or herbal so this tip is totally harmless for the hair. The ingredients are:

  1. One peach/ one pear
  2. One egg (yellow part)
  3. One tbsp olive oil
  4. One tbsp vinegar
  5. One tbsp mayonnaise
  6. One pinch saffron

Mix all the ingredients in the bowl that are mentioned above and then apply it on the scalp for forty minutes to one hour. After one hour, wash the hair with the baby shampoo.

For making the hair straight and super shiny this remedy works best, one can apply it twice in every week. One can also apply this mask to your hair before going any event as it has no side effect one can also use it after every two or three days. Or if you have damaged hair which looks like a grass then protein treatment is the best option, the best intake of the protein is through proper and healthy diet but sometime applying proteins on the hair also works best.

Applying protein masks on the hair makes them shiny and strong; it has no bad effect which can be seen after sometime. For the best result, a person can take the protein treatment four times a week.


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