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Tips of Writing Attention Grabbing Press Release


The main aim of writing a press release is to advertise your business or inform customers about new products or services. Usually the article should be short and designed in a way that they will easily grab the attention of the reader. You should ensure that the template of your press release even though the content should not be generic.

press-releaseYou have to keep in mind the fact the journalist see more than a hundred press releases in a day thus you should ensure that your press release is interesting enough to grab their attention.

How to write Attention Grabbing Press Release

It should have a strong headline with subheadings that are rich in information.

Ensure that the headline is catchy enough to capture the attention of the reader. Other than the heading, the subheadings should also be interesting as most people tend to go through the heading and subheadings before they read the article.

  • Make the first paragraph interesting and informative

Always get your point in the first paragraph. Most readers hardly read an entire article and so you should ensure that they get the relevant information within the first paragraph. By giving your readers something interesting in the first paragraph, you will capture their attention and make them want to read more.

  • Get facts

Leave creative writing to the readers and concentrate on giving them factual information. For example if your company has introduced a new product then, you need to inform the readers all about the product, how it is used, how important it is and so on.

  • Use a memorable quote

If you want to create brand awareness then, getting a fruity quote is the way to go. You can use quotes given by the CEO or even some of the customers who have given comments on your site. The best thing about using a quote is the fact that it becomes easy for customers to remember the product as they can easily relate the two.

  • Proofread your work

This might seem so obvious but the truth is that most people overlook this practice. It is important that you ensure your press release is grammatically correct and doesn’t contain any spelling mistakes.

  • Keep it sweet and short

A good press release should be about a page or two if you have very important information that you don’t want to leave out.

  • Give some details about your business

For the article to be successful, it is important that you give out some of the details about your business such as the location or the contact details. You can also provide a link to your website for those who would like to get more details.


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