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Top 12 PC Settings in Windows 8.1 You Should Know


Microsoft has recently launched its new operating system Windows 8.1. It is basically the update to Microsoft Windows 8 which is FREE available for download form Microsoft Windows 8 users from Microsoft website. We are sharing Top 12 PC Settings in Windows 8.1 You Should Know.

Top 12 PC Settings in Windows 8.1 You Should Know

PC and devices

The PC settings are categorized into nine categories of which are also sub-divided into relevant topics. For instance, “PC and devices” can be broken down into nine settings areas: For those with device Windows 8.1, you need to take more time to explore each one of the PC settings.


This is what you commonly see in- Control Panel -> Display –> Screen Resolution. You can as well access it if you right-click on the desktop and select “Screen Resolution”.


“Devices” settings are much similar to “Devices and Printers” only that “Devices” is highly streamlined and does show multimedia devices like the Control Panel version.

Corners and edges

Corners and edges” settings are an awesome thing to see in your pc. The sleep and power settings in the menu are more basic as compared to the control panel. You can make a rudimentary adjustment using these settings.

Pr Accounts

The “User accounts” and the “Accounts” settings control panel have similarities. However, Microsoft has come up with the most basic functionality into PC settings at the same time removing it from the control panel. It is therefore not necessary to use the control panel version for all except for the most advanced user account administration.

Your account

It is not possible to disconnect your account from Microsoft and change or create your account picture. “Your account” settings have an additional option to change an existing account to a child’s account.  If incase you wanted to round out your account, then you will be required to login to your Microsoft account located in the website and use the more accounts settings online option.

options

It would have been clearer if the sign-in settings if they were called password settings. The question is; what does the name have? Otherwise the most important thing to know is that is that your device security is here.

Other accounts

In the other account settings, you can be able to add, edit, and remove your user accounts. It would be important that when you edit, you need to change your account to either one of the three i.e. standard, child and administrator.


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