Geo Tau Aisay

How to Transfer MP3 Tracks to Android Phone

If you are new to android and have switched from other operating system like Apple iOS or Blackberry, you will have seen by now that using Android is not that different, only better.

Transferring Audio/MP3 in Android Phone

If you want to transfer all your MP3 and Audio tracks to your Android phone, it is a pretty simple task and there are two simple ways to do it.

Method 1 – Sync Music Using Provided Software

If you have used iOS, then you know how tiring it is to connect your device with your computer’s iTunes and then sync the music folders. Well, if you are used to copying songs like this and you have a folder on your PC for syncing music, then you can also get it done by using the software given by your Android device vendor. For example, if you have Samsung device, you can use Kies PC suite to sync your music and if you have a HTC device you can use HTC Sync to do it.

Method 2 – Connect Data Cable and Directly Copy Music

The more simple way is that you connect your device to computer via data cable.As soon as you do that, your smartphone will ask you if you want to turn on USB storage; select yes. Now access the microSD card and copy all the songs you want to in a folder. That’s it, now you have successfully transferred all your audio tracks in your Android phone.

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