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Twitter Plans to Redesign its look like Facebook


The profile pages of Twitter are going through a fundamental redesign.  The blog of Twitter has announced the changes this morning, these changes are really effective for some of the individuals but in the coming weeks it will be rolled our globally. If you are too excited for it and just can’t wait now then you can get this new look by signing up for a new account.

Twitter redesign looks a lot like Facebook

Visuals have been growing very progressively important for Twitter and the new design pushes them even further to the fore, the new designs has more prominent profile pictures with larger background images. To the new profile pages of the Facebook there’s an unmissable similarity with the photos of the individuals and friends both being fold together into a tile layout on the lower left.

Other innovations which includes a size adjustment to tweets relative to how busy they have been the liveliest one liner will appear larger in Twitter feed, one can also pin one of your own tweets to the top of the page. When viewer’s views your profile filtering tweets has been made an option, this site now allows the individuals to choose whether they just want to choose the basic tweets, replies from others, videos and photos.

In the meantime, for a peek at what’s coming, check out these web profiles:


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