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Under-fire Mobilink Removes Controversial Ad’s Signboards Following Public Ire

Feeling the heat of massive criticism in the wake of publication of an outrageous advertisement featuring an Indian model, some sense appears to have finally knocked into the heads of the framers of Nargis Fakhri’s ad as they have swung into action to remove signboards and billboards from across the country of the highly controversial ad. On Tuesday, unidentified men were spotted removing the signboards and billboards of the said ad from different parts of the country. It appears that Mobilink’s policy to create sensational and earn cheaper publicity has greatly backfired and it is now in the reversal mode.

According to details, Mobilink telecom company hired Indian model Nargis Fakhri for its promotional campaign of a new cellular package. To this effect, almost all the mainstream Pakistani Urdu dailies on Sunday published the said ad, wherein Nargis Fakhri posed in an objectionable position while wearing revealing clothes which even showed her body curves. This has justifiably attracted the public ire and provoked peoples’ sentiment in Pakistan. Adding insult to injury for Mobilink, Nargis Fakhri has dissociated herself from the entire episode and has solely held Mobilink responsible for the entire episode. “I had been not aware they might contemplate by using this visible to get a conventional magazine advertisement – an Urdu daily because it was never designed to be. Like a design or superstar, I’ve often thought in utilizing my identity to assist more the conversation of a brand name but not to contain it employed where I become objectified for my looks,” Fakhri has said in a public statement.

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