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Want to know if he is the right one for you? Travel with him once!

Travelling around the world with your ‘soul mate to be’ is a new cliché! You share all your travel diaries with your travel companion. Hence, there might be no better opportunity to judge a person than while on the voyage. So if next time you are planning your trip, don’t forget to ask your romantic partner to accompany you. You might not get a better chance to find out if your Mr Right is actually the ‘Right One’ for you!

Here are all the reasons compiled by Jovago Pakistan, why you should plan your trip with your potential better half!

1. Just like a relationship, no travel is a perfect travel

No matter how long ahead you plan for your travel, you might face the highs and lows during your voyage. You might have the most delightful times and you might also experience times when you would want to return back to your home! The companionship of your significant half during this bumpy, winding travel would help you gauge compatibility with your partner at all times.

2. Best way to check his spending habits

Budget your travel with your significant half and you would know how he manages his expenses. After all, you don’t want to get stuck in a relationship that is always struggling with money related issues or quarreling upon divergent spending patterns.

3. Determining your personal space

The lovey dovey cuddling dwells well in imagination. However, in real life one might appreciate having their own personal space to enjoy their own independence. During your travel, you might encounter situations where you would enjoy isolation and self contemplation more than clinging together with your partner. This might be a very good time to judge if he allows and respects your personal space when you ask for it.

4. You can’t escape face to face communication

Unlike communicating via gadgets, your travel would allow you to get in touch with your partner face to face on varying occasions. You might be surprised to see how different the same person can be while talking online versus communicating directly. After all, you would want your relationship to survive in real life no matter how good it might be dwelling virtually.

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