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Welfare Foundation for Poor People


Welfare Foundation – A Need in Pakistan #BuildPakistan2015

The recent campaign which is launched by Linkagoal, encouraged me to take step to make a goal on welfare foundation (link here of goal) which is related to #BuildPakistan2015

According to my view living and thinking for humanity is the key to success in the life of the world and also after death. We humans live a life where we must always strive hard to help other human beings. At any point in time, we must never leave even a single opportunity to help people. A successful person is the one who actually works hard and is ready to take every risk and make every effort for the people.

In the same way, being a part of this society I find it my responsibility to help people in the best possible way. Pakistan needs as much as possible Welfare foundations which offer the people education facilities, orphanage, and medical assistance and fulfill the daily needs of the people. I have in my life seen people begging for food for their children and family and I find it extremely depressing. This thought and feeling in my mind and heart has encouraged me to make a welfare foundation in Pakistan that will help poor people. To cater this purpose of mine I have also taken help from by creating a goal there.

I wish to help as many people as possible with the help of making an effort in this cause of mine. Apart from making efforts on my own I always encourage people in my surroundings as well to contribute and make efforts. This dream of mine will help a number of people, morally as well as financially and I am ready to take all the challenges that may come on my way towards this destination.

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