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Why Android is Better than iOS?


With the escalating rise in new apps, there have been numerous debates surrounding some specifics apps against each other. Here are some of the reasons showing that android is better than iOS.

Endless Sharing Options

There is an extra incentive when using android as compared to iOS apps.  Unlike in iOS apps, android can offer you an opportunity to share content via a few basic choices like Mail, Message, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. In fact with Android, your app world is your oyster: that is you can move your content through any installed app via sharing capabilities.

Third-party Software Keyboards

There have not been more complaints about the typing experience on iOS 8, though Android offers more options. If you want, it is possible to replace Android’s default keyboard with any third-party alternative.

More Customization, As Usual

If you were looking to customize your Smartphone, android can help you achieve any level you want.

Visible File System

If you plug your android Smartphone into a computer, you will be able to see a file system looking very similar to the one you would have had with the computer when searching for something. It is very is just like when you drag and drop. However, apple doesn’t give you such a magnificent opportunity to access your files in such a manner.

Better Notifications Bar

Despite the fact that iOS 8 revamped the notification center of the iPhone, that one of the Android is still seen to better. In fact, it is possible that when you see something in the notification of the Android drawer, you’ll be able to take action and respond without opening any app first. On the other hand, Android can import your photos automatically to your contacts or in other words, it can allow you to set the photos by yourself.


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