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Why Pakistan Needs Only One Sharif, That is Raheel Sharrif!

Pakistan has always been a nation where people have liking for their army men and are proud of their chief but General Raheel Sharrif is among the most popular ones in Pakistan, if seen closely since a long time no Army Chief got such positive fan following. General Musharraf had a lot of negative fan following but General Raheel Sharrif is winning hearts of people around Pakistan. People from all Pakistan have love for Gen Raheel and the corrupt people now fear his mission to remove corruption from Pakistan. General Raheel is gaining more and more polularity among common people and specially on social media where #ThankYouRaheelSharif is becoming a very common and famous hashtag.

General Raheel is gaining popularity meanwhile his pictures on posters and billboards are displayed to thank him for his services, In a city like Karachi where every wall was painted with stuff about Altaf Hussain has now pictures of General Raheel. General Raheel is definitely being the hero of the nation, he was also Man of the Year for Newsweek Pakistan’s  last year.

General Raheel has been very active in dealing with terrorists and is also criticized at a lot of platforms, I recently went through an online article where the idea was that Musharaf and Kiyani period also had positive progress in country but they turned the game after their extension. First of all there is so much difference between Musharaf, Kiyani tenure and Gen Raheels period. People truly love him.

No one, Not Gen Musharaf or Gen Kiyani Worked on Eliminating Corruption by MQM in Pakistan

Karachi is now such a better place to live, people go out with families, even on eid there were so many funny memes about how MQM use to by force ask for animal skins and now it was due to Gen Raheel’s efforts people of Karachi were free of their will.

It is People Who Want Genral Raheels Extension not Him

General Raheel didn’t demand extension so far, it is people who are willing to have his tenure extended. He is Army Chief of a democratic government but people are in love with him more than out government. People are following him like crazy, special prayers are made after prayers at mosques for the well being of Gen Raheel. This is true hero, his work made people love him not his dictatorship.

People who are corrupt float rumors about his extension, but the public polls and their opinion has been analysed and they are more happier than ever by any army chief. They want the extension. Pakistan has been damaged a lot this try is worth it because so far he has been a peace creator and the best Army Chief because people have more fan following than ever. He really is a true Hero!


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