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WordPress VS Joomla – Detailed Comparison


WordPress and Joomla both are good among web applications but many of people don’t know whether to choose WordPress or Joomla. Here we have a detailed comparison WordPress VS Joomla along with their disadvantages, we hope after reading this article, it will be easy for you to choose which application is suitable for you WordPress or Joomla?

WordPress VS Joomla

Read the detailed Comparison of WordPress VS Joomla

Whether to choose Joomla or Not

Joomla is the best choice, if an individual wants to make a community, or a newsroom etc. Having the knowledge of HTML is not must once you understand how it actually works. Individual can set articles that can be wasted after a specific period of time, thus Joomla is the best website that provides an individual with a lot of power in the hand of individual and that can be easily noticed that the very first time an individual’s enters in he/she gets dizzy.

Disadvantages of Joomla: there are many extensions for importing the articles from one site to another because transferring the articles from one site to other sites is very difficult task, moving articles from one version to another can be very complicated, Not only this complication can occur another problem is that, that the core system is very complex and it demands a lot of resources from the server.

In Short: the advantage of Joomla is complicated, it has fixed post and pages, individual can create a regular website with Joomla but I would look at it as useless.

Whether to choose WordPress or Not

WordPress is usually a blog system which is very friendly, it can be used as website which can be updates easily even if an individual don’t have any know how of HTML, individuals can add a lot of functionality in it included standards of Joomla, not only this individuals can also add pages and post with plugins. Google would love WordPress because it is a blog system, so from the marketing point of viewit is very hard to continue WordPress.


Disadvantages of WordPress: for example adding or removing the dates of post needs to be changed in design mode and it is must to have the knowledge of WP scripting. The navigational structure is examined by the template you have chosen but to make any changes in the structure again requires the knowledge of CSS and scripting language.

In Short: individuals mostly consider WordPress as a blog or as a regular website because it is very simple and easy to use and the pages, post and categories it has are fixed.


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