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The Youthia Phenomenon

Nothing is itself all good or all bad , it is the use which makes it good or bad. Just as we have got the blessing of internet, and especially the topic of discussion; the social networking sites. There were days when Twitter was the most appropriate forum for mature people to interact. People from all walks of life and all political backgrounds used to interact & they used to have healthy discussions. I remember how they shared their opinions and ideas. It’s law of nature that everyone has got a different approach, so have the tweeps. But the thing which made me write was the factor of mutual respect for difference in opinion, which we lack today.

I witnessed some very unpleasant experiences in the last couple of years & what made me write on this issue is the fear of absolute moral decay which is rapidly penetrating in our society. Seeing youth getting politicized is a good sign but unfortunately those who are making them political activists have totally failed in teaching them moral & ethical values. Or let me say that the 63 year old leader of youth has successfully made most of his followers’ typical Youthias. It is something which runs within the society. When the leader will use inappropriate and non-parliamentary street language for his opponents, his followers will automatically learn and do the same.

Most of the people think that Mr.Imran Khan, in his desperation of trying to become the Prime Minister, has crossed all the moral limits. The language he uses in his speeches is really intolerable & this is what his followers have learned. PTI is destroying the culture of patience & co-existence. The social media freaks of PTI are more likely to be bullies who harass and abuse their opponents or anyone who dare to criticize them. No matter if you are a lady, an old aged person, have a respectable position in the society, a journalist, representative or head of any party, organization or even state, they don’t discriminate. They will not listen to your argument, dare to say a word against their political god & you will have to bear the non-stop abuses from the fully trained trolls.

It is very disappointing that the party which claims to bring a positive change in the society by founding a New Pakistan, steeps that low when it come to moral and ethical values. Interestingly, the trolls are not only good at abusing or mocking you but they are equally talented in moral corruption. They have made fake Twitter accounts of almost all the famous personalities & they keep tweeting Pro-PTI stuff from those fake accounts. Thanks to Abdul Sattar Edhi (A well-known Social Worker), Saleem Safi (Journalist/Columnist), Sadaf Abdul Jabbar (Journalist), Molana Taiq Jameel (Famous Religious Scholar) and many more celebrities who mentioned that they don’t own those accounts which are promoting PTI on social media. Here I’d like to add that another journalist Dr Danish’s Twiter account got hacked and he mentioned it in his show, later that account was found doing the same PTI campaign which makes it obvious that his account was hacked by some Youthia. This is one of the ways how PTI has become really popular on social media. Things got really shameful for PTI when the reality of their trend setter Farhan Virk was exposed. He made a fake account of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, gained quite a huge number of followers & then changed the account to his name and owned the account. He also claims to be the Global Youth Ambassador for UN Education program. While some tweeps said that his mentioned qualifications and distinctions are equally fake.

Moreover, PTI cyber activists don’t tolerate any criticism against them. A very famous progressive secular Facebook page named “What The Sach” used to expose the “Youthia Phenomenon” and Youthias made them pay the price by hacking their page. The hackers abused the admins and the followers of the page and they exposed the admins who used to keep their identity hidden and even threatened them of serious consequences if they ever tried to repeat the same “mistake”. The page was, however, recovered but the damage was done.

All these things are not bringing PTI or Imran Khan a good name. People have borne enough of this bullying attitude of PTI’s trolls. But again, they are helpless as all they can do is to block the trolls and thank Mohsin Saeed who summed up this entire PTI phenomenon in one word, “Youthia” which went viral just after he uttered it.

The coinage of this word has become somewhat disputed as some people associate it’s invention with Fawad Ch. and surprisingly “even” PTI trolls consider it an abuse. People enjoy using this term which describes the misled and misguided youth. Some people are curious to know the meaning and usage of this word. Well according to the apparent inventor Mr. Mohsin Saeed, the term Youthia actually describes the reaction of the youths who without understanding the actual issue, political or of any other nature, just go on lecturing everyone how only they know the actual solution and anyone else who dares to disagree is a perfect “chay” (the superlative degree of stupidity).

Well Youthias actually represent a particular group or mindset who have absolutely no sense & knowledge of politics and history, and all what they believe in is whatever Imran says. And their ultimate source of information is Facebook , Google & Wikipedia as these are the only references they will quote in their discussions.

Now the question is that is there any way to get rid of this behavior? Is there any single sane person in the entire PTI leadership who can work on teaching their followers some patience, morals and ethics? Or is this PTI’s SM policy? Whenever someone talks to PTI officials on Twitter they have got a single reply, “They are just fans, we can’t stop them” This is a very lame excuse. If PTI cannot stop its trolls & can’t bring some positive change in the behavior of its very own people, how can they even claim to change the whole country????

Do think!!

This Article is writter by Dr. Sadaf Alvi.

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