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Zong: The Pioneers of Mobile Internet Evolution in Pakistan


The smartphone revolution has gathered pace in Pakistan over the past couple of years, and with new, cheap entrants in the mobile communications arena, the country has seen a boom in people of all ages carrying a smartphone. But, no matter how flashy or expensive your smartphone is, it is effectively useless if you do not have a decent mobile data connection on it.

One needs a data connection to check emails, catch up with friends & family on various social media networks, participate in video conference calls, and watch favorite sporting events or television shows while on the move. While, all businesses that require connectivity, for example those that operate in entertainment, media and e-commerce, can benefit from faster and more reliable mobile data services, improving efficiency and productivity. In days gone by this all would have been quite impossible considering Pakistan never had capabilities to offer speeds greater than 2G GSM, but after the  3G & 4G auction carried forth by PTA, and the successive launch of 3G services provides 130 million mobile service subscribers access to speeds beyond their wildest imaginations.

Our visit to Zong Headquarters on the 24th September, 2014 recently brought us face to face with the core team whose main aim is to connect every Pakistani with the rest of the world; through telephony and mobile internet (like every other teleco in the world). What sets Zong apart from the competition is the desire to be the first whenever it comes to offering innovative services to the consumers. Innovation seems to be at the heart of all things Zong, as a tour around their headquarters transported us to one of those secret facilities you see in Hollywood summer blockbusters; excessive security, high-tech equipment, foreigners and locals working together, and a vending machine with the most tasty offerings inside (sadly, only for the employees).

Hasan Khan, Meher-ul-Nisa, Sheldon Godinho and Babar Bajwa representing Zong

Another thing which sets Zong apart from the rest of the competition is their parent organization – China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC). CMCC officially launched its 4G services in December 2013 and by 31st March, 2014 the company had 781.08 million total customers making it the largest operator across the globe. CMCC’s successes speak for itself, today it has 2.79 million 4G customers & almost 225 million 3G subscribers. Till date CMCC has more than 252,000 4G sites across China and is targeting more than 500,000 4G sites by end of this year which makes CMCC the largest 4G operator in the world. At the same time, CMCC is also a giant within the handset distribution channel of over 200 million handsets sold to end customers on a yearly basis, out of which 50% are 4G handsets.

With a global dominance in the 4G arena, Zong is all set and capable enough to offer the best data connection for its esteemed subscribers at an affordable price. Their Super 3G mobile internet service is an example of that very dominance. It provides internet speeds greater than the available telecos in the country at affordable rates and customized packages.

The company is already gearing towards the official launch, creating excitement amongst technology enthusiasts about the potential speeds the 4G data connection will be able to achieve. Our discussions with Mr. Hasan Khan, assistant manager internet, Zong lead us to believe that the 4G LTE service will offer speeds 10 times more than those currently available on 3G mobile networks. Now, that is one information which had our mouths watering (apart from the vending machine of course).

Zong’s willingness to expand its services in Pakistan and to offer the most innovative communications solutions to its subscribers has always been welcomed by the government of Pakistan. In an era of economic uncertainty, Zong is playing its part in encouraging growth and investment. The introduction of

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TE services will play a large part in creating a 21st Century digital infrastructure to serve consumers, businesses and the economy for the future. Zong has always been the pioneer of mobile communications technology in Pakistan and now by becoming the sole 4G LTE service provider, it has ushered in the next step in its evolution.

Special Thanks to Syntax Communications for arranging such an interesting event for the blogging community!


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