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Zong steps up to ‘Double Everything’ for its Prepaid Subscribers

Continuing to be the best, Pakistan’s fastest growing and the only 3G and 4G services provider Zong has come up with yet another exclusively plus distinctive customer-friendly offer. The promo allows Zong’s prepaid subscribers to double the strength of their cellular packages without any charges.

This is the first of its kind offer in Pakistan’s telecom history, ‘Double Everything’ gives hundred per cent increase on all prepaid bundles in the same price. The offer is across the board which implies that Double Everything subscribers would be able to get their existing prepaid bundles increased to twice including call minutes, text messages and internet megabytes in the price same

Commenting on this one-of-a-kind offer, Babar Bajwa, Chief Commercial Officer, Zong said “This amazing offer is just another demonstration of the extent to which Zong can go to serve its valued customers in the best possible way. Needless to say that Zong has taken the telecom sector with a bang; by becoming the only Super 3G & 4G LTE operator of Pakistan. And coming up with the most handy and user-friendly yet novel offers simply keeps us in the driving seat. This professional motivation is the hallmark of Zong that has helped us come a long way to become a key player in the Pakistani telecom industry.”

Millions of Zong’s prepaid subscribers throughout the country will benefit from this limited time offer irrespective of any geographical location.

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