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Apple Announces The iPad Mini 2


The main criticism faced by Apple after the launch of iPad mini last year has now been finally answered with the announcement of the second generation of iPad Mini. Right after the release of the iPad mini the previous year, rumors started to float across the Apple followers that soon the main concerns people are having against the Apple iPad mini will be addressed and now with the incorporation of the Retina display and A7 chip in the iPad mini 2, Apple sales are surely going to get a boost.

A7 chips are also being used in Apple iPhone 5S so all those who are interested in buying iPad mini 2 can look forward to a smoother and a stuck free processing. Moreover it is accompanied with M7 Motion co-processor, so one can definitely expect an efficient response from this device. The main challenge was that no one believed that Apple would be able to rope in the retina display within the same frame of iPad mini. But irrespective of the small adjustments in weight, nothing much has changed in the outlook of iPad mini 2. It is still offers the same 7.9 inches screen and has not gone much thicker than its precedent.

The storage capacity that iPad mini 2 offers varies from 16 GB to 128 GB and it is not expendable. If in case you need more space, you can always have the option of using cloud storage, stream content or purchase a wireless hard drive. But if you wish to have a spacious internal memory, you will have to pay more because the new iPad mini 2 at least costs you $399. This is probably because of the insertion of A7 chip.

Currently iPad mini 2 is going to be offered in two colors; white and silver, and black and space grey. It will be released with the built-in iOS 7 and it is hoped that it will be much compatible and will run faster with iPad mini 2.


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