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Apple iPad mini 2 in Pakistan – Full Specifications


With the introduction of iPad mini 2 in Pakistan, it has been evident that Apple has added some flavor to thus brand.  Some of the areas that were improved include the quality of the screen, graphics capability, performance and storage.


The iPad mini 2 has been made thicker and heavier. On the part of the depth; it has increased only by 0.3 mm and on the part of weight it has gone up by 29g.

Features and Performance

The processing power is another significant area that has been improved.

  • The iPad mini 2 has been fitted with the same A7 CPU as the iPad Air. The RAM capacity has also remained much the same as the old model; 1GB.
  • The improved performance has enhanced playing of games to be easier. This has also been enhanced by the improved and tighter pixel density that brings an extra visual tightness to games.

Value for Money

The iPad mini faces very strong competition from other brands. For instance, Google’s Nexus 7 which is more similar in nature is over £100 cheaper. This is one of the most rival of the iPad mini; but the only advantage that the iPad mini has over this brand is the life of the battery. The battery of the iPad mini lasts much longer as compared to that of the Google’s Nexus.


Since the introduction of iPad mini in Pakistan, Apple has left a landmark tablet that has also improved the performance of workloads. In fact, as you can also see this small tablet on the market but with lots of big things. Besides increasing the size of its body, Apple did also improve the quality of its screen. This brand is so powerful in spite of the fact that it is small in size.

If you haven’t so far had an opportunity to use this iPad mini in Pakistan, then get yourself one as this would be money well spent. The price that this brand comes with does not also represent a very bad deal considering how much you can get out of this tablet.


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