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Apple is Planning Something Really Big?


Apple is Planning Something Really Big?The world of technology is going to be surprised by a big announcement by Apple in near future. According to big report by Morgan Stanley on the “Internet of Things”, Apple is working on something really big. Stanley has provided a table which tells everything Apple has done since 2012. According to Stanley’s report, the table indicates that Apple is going to launch iWatch type device.

The table closely reviewed all actions Apple has been doing since the mid of 2012, including acquisition, hiring and media reports.

According to the table, in July 2012 Apple acquired Authentec — a company which is known for its specialization in security software and hardware. Referring a source from Apple the report said: “At least some of the technology was incorporated into the iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor.”

According to the table, the other important acquisition by Apple was made in March 2013 (WifiSLAM which work on indoor mobile location services) and August 2013 (Passif Semiconductor which has technology related to Bluetooth 4.0).

Apple has been extensively hiring since the end of 2012 and according to Stanley’s report it is an indicator that the company is going to launch something big.

The table provides all the details of hiring Apple made during this period. The process began with the hiring of several blood monitoring sensor experts from the now defunct C8 MediSensors.

More people were included in the company in July, August, September and at the end of 2013. The latest induction in Apple is of J.E.M. Raymann in February this year. Raymann came from Philips where he was a senior scientist researching sleep.

Media reports of Apple since the beginning of 2013 are also very important in understanding that something big is coming up. For instance, in a media report of the company quoted by Bloomberg in February 2013 said: “Apple has a team of about 100 product designers working on a wristwatch-like device.”


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