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Best Free Games For Kids


Games are a source of entertainment as well as educational for kids. They provide the much needed relaxation and stimulation to our brain and body and they can make learning new things quite interesting. In short games are a fun way of developing your imaginative and creative skills; they can teach children some basic set of rules like cooperation, decision making and conflict resolution. The kind of rule that is very important to lead a successful life.

games-for-kidsSports can teach your children all the things mentioned above plus your children can get some physical exercise too. The best games for kids I have come across include the following.

Board Games For Kids:

There are thousands of board games that you can play online as well as with your family.

  1. Chess is the best board game a child can play,  No doubt it is complex and complicated and requires a lot of effort to learn it especially for a little child but believe me once you have learnt it there is no game more interesting than chess. I highly recommend it for kids as it is enough to open up their brains and think differently.
  2. Snakes And Ladders is another brilliant game, though it relies on luck but it teaches children a very important lesson that things don’t work out as the way you want it to. There are a lot of things that are out of your reach and you need a little bit of luck to get them.
  3. Checkers is somewhat similar to chess but a lot less complicated.

Best PC Games For Kids:

  1. Super Mario is the game I guess every child has played,  an adventurous game where Mario sets out on a journey to free his princess and with all the obstacles he faced during his journey makes it a really interesting game. It teaches kids that to achieve something you have to work hard.
  2. Angry Birds is available on all Android and iOS smartphones as well as windows too. It is all about fun really, you can’t get a better time pass than that.
  3. World Of Zoo is another amazing game your kids will enjoy for sure.


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