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A Day with Zongers at Zong HQs Islamabad


Zong is a great cellular company which is fulfilling the needs of the individuals living in Pakistan by providing them outstanding service. Zong is managed and run by Chinese individuals who work dedicated to give the best to the Pakistanis.

Unlike other cellular companies, Zong got the license for the speedy mobile internet technology which is known with the name of 4G and it will be launched soon for making the company number one in the list of the cellular companies working in Pakistan. Zong will be the best among the cellular companies after the launch of 4G as this technology will give the people a chance to download the required apps or other things fast from the internet, the phone call standard will get high and people will be able to stream the videos speedily with the help of 4G.

Few days ago, the bloggers from different cities in which Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad gathered at the PC hotel Rawalpindi for going to visit the Zong Hqs Islamabad as we were invited by the company.Then we left for Zong HQs at Chak Shehzad, Islamabad for getting information about the 4G LTE that will be launched by Zong soon for making their company. All the guests were invited to see the working environment of the company.

When we arrived at the office, Babar Bajwa along with the entire Zong Management welcomed the Bloggers and the briefing was given by Sheldon Adam Head of Zong PR & CRS. We visit the entire Zong office, currently Zong has 3 buildings in which they are working and fourth building is under construction in which they will start working also.There are no doors for all head’s offices including Chief Executive Officer.A great thing which we came to know is that Zong has largest call center in Pakistan.

They are getting almost 3000-7000 calls per hour for solving the issues of the customers. The great thing which we saw there was the facilities given to the employees as there were restrooms, day care center for the employees with small kids and a mosque available so that the employees won’t have to go outside the office for the prayer.We all were amazed to see how the Chinese individuals are working for the people of Pakistan as the World’s largest 4G LTE is in China; they are making efforts to provide the great service to the Pakistanis.We got 3G enabled Sims with Samsung Galaxy tab for the personal use by the company.

Not only the experience was made great by the visit but it was made outstanding as all the bloggers went for carting at F1 Track, Lakeview Park Islamabad. We enjoyed a lot while riding the Carts as it was a wonderful experience for all the individuals gathered there.In the end, we allenjoyed a dinner in PM lounge in saidpur village Islamabad and Babar Bajwa along with his team joined us for dinner. At the dinner, all the individuals shared their views. By visiting the Zong office, it was seen that the environment is of the office is open and friendly, other than that the company culture is good.

It was an unforgettable visit and all the bloggers are thankful to the company as they provide a chance to get the information about the company, its working and will be launched products of this great cellular company.

Thanks to Syntax Communication for giving a great chance to the blogging community to know about Zong 4G.


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