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Dr. Khurram Mushir’s Tips For Smooth Hands And Feet


No matter what season it is, whether it’s a season of the flip-flop and your feet are looking rough or whether its wintertime and your skin is feeling like a sandpaper but now one does not have to suffer from the embarrassing moments of dry feet and hands. There are many factors which actually contribute to the dry skin, these factors includes the weather, water and the overall lack of moisture.

Dr. Khurram Mushir's Tips For Smooth Hands And FeetIf you want the best results with Smooth Hands And Feet then it is very important to treat them right and keep them hydrated. A person can also use fragrance free moisturizing hand soaps but the best things is to try a remedy made with all natural ingredients. There are many things which one can use to keep Smooth Hands And Feet but it is very important that what you are going to use have no side effects or it suits your skin right.

Tips For Smooth Hands And Feet

You can made at home the best whitening cream which also softens the skin. We are sharing the tips of Dr. Khurram Mushir who is famous among young generation for his beauty tips, According to Dr. Khurram Mushir you need following things below to make the amazing cream for Smooth Hands And Feet:

  • White soft paraffin 50%
  • Liquid paraffin 50%
  • Petroleum jelly 50%
  • Salicylic acid 10%
  • Hydroquinone cream or powder 4%

All you have to do is mix all the ingredients mentioned above and make a paste like a cream, now apply this cream in your feet and hands and leave it. Wash this cream in the morning with lemon juice, do it daily. This remedy works best and it has a guarantee of hundred percent no side effects.

One can also try this remedy, it is also very useful.

Add corn flour in hot water; dip both hands and feet in this water for some time. After this make a paste of roasted onion by smashing the onion and apply it for maximum twenty minutes, apply this daily for a month. After taking the bath, take a mustard oil and massage well into your hands and feet when the body is moist, after this wash your hands and feet with water and dry them with a towel.


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