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FireChat for Android Launched Its Anonymous Offline Chat Network


Firechat LogoAbout two weeks ago when the Open Garden’s firechat has been launched, it actually created a quite bit of the interest because it’s one of the first iOS 7 app to the users of apple. The individuals with this can also use a mesh network of local iPhones to build a local network for chat even when there is no internet available, starting today the individuals who are android users can also join us in the fun.

It is also available in the Google Playstore, it features a simply different user interface but in terms of working it is actually the same app just like an iOS, one can also use it anonymously. While the Android does not have anything like the technology of Apple, the team at the Open Garden has worked a lot on it so that the users can share the network connections. Now this network is using this home built framework to power the FireChat for Android too.

The usual range of the android network is 30 feet but thanks to the Open Gardens multi hop network it can also cover wider range if a lot of the individuals are actually using it at the same time.

FireChat for Android Launched Its Anonymous Offline Chat Network

Image Source: AndroidCentral

Sadly or simply because the mesh networks are not compatible, the android version is not inter operable with the iPhone version when one is using it off the grid. FireChat is the global mode of chat, although it is inter operable but besides this it the best effort made by the company to add spam controls that can still be a rowdy place.

On iOS, the app quickly shot into the top ten lists of many local app stores and the chances of doing well on the android are also quite high. You can download FireChat for Android and FireChat for iOS Here.


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