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History of Jabal-e-Noor, Quetta

Quetta is one of the metropolitan cities and an attractive tourist destination. It is situated in Baluchistan being the 9th largest city of Pakistan. The city is surrounded by beautiful river valleys and mountains. Talking about mountains, Jabal-e-Noor or the Quran Mountain is of very high importance. But why is that, this article will explain it to you.

The Holy Quran has been on Earth since the beginning of Islam. Pakistan too has had very old Holy Qurans published years ago. But, very old published copies start to tear or rot away. Ever wondered what happens to these old copies of Quran that have been damaged?

One of the hills in the Chilthern Mountain in Quetta, Baluchistan is the home to millions of old and damaged copies of the Holy Quran. Tunnels have been paved inside the hill to store these copies. This hill was turned into a shrine by two brothers who collect the old copies and either burry, store in bags or place and display in cases. Some of the copies are over 600 years old. The place is visited by thousands of people every day.

This is done so as it is not legally allowed to burn the Quran and any disrespect shown to the Quran can inflame accusations of blasphemy. However, the tunneled hill is now becoming completely occupied and the Holy Qurans are packed in sacks to gather them. The place is named after the real Jabal-e-Noor Mountain in Saudi Arabia where the Prophet received the first revelations of the Quran.

The visitors are not charged of any money but are welcome to give away donations. These donations are being collected in order to fund the digging of more tunnels for burying the copies of Quran that are lying in sacks. Just like Muslims leave donations for developments of mosques, this is another way to contribute in guarding the Holy copies of the Quran.

Would you travel to Quetta to explore the hill as well as give donations for the good cause?

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