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How to Apply Conditioner to Your Hair


Naturally, there are many conditioners that coat the surface of the hair shaft. It is good to have a Shampoo conditioner to your hair because it will not only wash off dirt but it will also coat your hair. It is required to condition your hair after shampooing. Because the environment seems to constantly wear out your hair, you will be required to have even deep conditioners reapplied constantly.

how to apply conditioner to your hairThis conditioner will act as a protection to your hair wearing out. However, you need to note that the method of hair conditioning will depend on the type of conditioner you will be using. The following are the steps which tells you  How to Apply Conditioner to Your Hair after shampoo.

How to Apply Conditioner to Your Hair

After-Shampoo Conditioner

  • You re required to understand when to use an after-shampoo conditioner. It is recommended that you need to have a regular hair care routine. An after shampoo conditioner will help create silky and manageable tresses. In addition, this conditioner helps to protect your hair from stressors of the environment.
  • When applying, you are required to place the amount of the conditioner you want in your palm. Note that the right amount of the conditioner will depend on the thickness and length of your hair. Incase you not sure of the amount of conditioner you want, just start with a little and keep on increasing until you feel; that your hair has been coated well. In some people, they might require only a dime while others might require a generous portion to effectively do the job.
  • You are required to begin starting from the ends of your hair and move upward to apply the conditioner. This is done in such a manner of doing opposite from doing shampoo; In this case you will apply the conditioner the opposite way from what you do with shampoo. If you want long hair, then you will have to gather sections of hair and pull it in a mass upwards to the back of your head.  You can also gather a loose bun of hair and then spread the conditioner through it.
  • Finally, you are required to rinse your hair under lukewarm or cool water until after the sliminess of the product disappears.


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