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How to Move Your Blog from WordPress to Blogger


It is not so difficult for you to move a blog from WordPress to Blogger. You only need to an administrative access to your WordPress blog. All this has been made easy by the services of Google’s Chicago office. With the help of their engineering team, this exercise is pretty easy.

How to Move Your Blog from WordPress to Blogger

wordpress-bloggerThe following are simple steps that you need to follow so as to move your blog to WordPress.

Step one:

You are required to log into the account that is hosting your blog.

  • Get yourself on the dashboard.
  • Then, go to the tools menu and click the Export button.
  • There are more options here, you can choose to either export posts or pages, or export both.
  • Finally, click on the Export File.
  • After this, an Export files with the name `nameoftheblog.wordpress.dateofexport.xml’ will be downloaded. This file is known as XML.

Step two:

This XML file would be changed into a Blogger’s format by WordPress to Blogger conversion tool.

  • Then, you are required to upload your file using this conversion tool.
  • Click on the convert button.
  • Finally, save this converted file to your hard drive.

As a result you will get a file known as `blogger-export.xml’. This process only changes the markup of the XML file.

Final step:

  • Sign in to the Blogger and get to the settings.
  • Choose `other’ option on the settings.
  • Then click on the Import Blog.
  • To prevent somebody to hack into your account, enter some CAPTCHA text.

If you wish you’re your post to be imported as draft posts, uncheck this box. After this, you will have successfully moved your blog to WordPress. You also need to inspect you’re your posts so as to see whether your content and images got moved successfully.

Final step

Make sure to hide your old blog. To hide this, go to the dashboard go straight to settings. Go to Privacy and click on it. You may want to let your old blog visible publicly but it is so important to hide your old blog from search engines.


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