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Microsoft Updates Azure with Deeper Visual Studio Integration


A bundle of the new features for its Azure cloud computing services are announced by the Microsoft at its Build develop Conference which was held in San Francisco. It was announced by Scott Guthrie that the individuals who are the users of Azure will now be able to cope and deploy their apps from the Visual studio, capturing the basic images from the running VMs and tool for making it easier to create large virtual server farms with the help of Chef, Puppet and some other tools.

Capture a VM image

For the creators, this integration will provide them with the point for writing their cloud apps interactively their debug code that is running on the virtual machine right from their IDE. To grab a photo and deploy it on the Azure, the creators can use Microsoft’s power shell for capturing a VM image, one of the other uses of this which are noticed by the Microsoft is that it can restore the images and the backup authorizes the creator to capture the working instance, making the best and easy changes in it and if the things still don’t works go back the working version.

Microsoft hosts 1 million SQL databases

If an individual is using Puppet integration, he/she can easily install a Puppet master on Azure and can also use that to cope with their tools. Puppet and Chef which make coping with the large server infrastructures easier have become seriously very famous with the recent startups. It also help the companies that have invested a large amount of the money to move to the Azure, the other updates which also involves the auto scaling for the machines which are virtual and a number of the networking options like the point to site VPNs and the dynamic routing.


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