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Microsoft’s New CEO Satya Nadella on a Critical Test


Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational corporation founded by Bill gates headquartered in Washington that manufactures, develops, licenses, supports and sells computer software, personal computers and services. Microsoft Window line is considered as the best know software, some other renewed and widely used software are Internet Explorer web browser, office suite, Microsoft Office.

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The company was founded on April 4, 1975 under goes a number of changes with facing some declines and upwards, number of employees and CEO’s are changed, currently newly hired CEO  Satya Nadella which is an American business executive, and on 4 February hired as CEO, previously he was vice president of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group responsible for building and running the company’s computing platforms, developer tools and cloud services. He is Indian by birth, born in Hyderabad India, and a member of Telugu Family.

At Microsoft Satya Nadella has led major projects including the company’s move to the cloud computing and the development of one of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world.

Microsoft CEO is delivering his best, he is on setting the new tone of Microsoft, he is the one to attract more investor and hit the stock over $40, which is the highest value in over 14 years.

This week CEO of Microsoft name Satya Nadella is on his biggest test, he have to build trust and win one more group, the group of programmers who write software for windows, Microsoft’s cloud and Windows phone. Microsoft will be dead in water without them and their App.

To build a negotiation and deal making environment will be a big task for Microsoft CEO and the selected panel, as this deal have a great importance, and decide the future of Microsoft.


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