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Modern Villages of Pakistan

Whenever we hear the word village, the only thing that comes to mind is ‘rural life.’ Especially if it’s a Pakistani village, it is seen as a poor area of the country where there is nothing but poverty and lack of basic necessities. However, a village is a village because of its small size of area and population. Villages are typically perpetual, with fixed dwellings that are close to one another. There is no place that is more cultural and has more historic traditions attached to it than an old village.

We usually confuse Pakistani villages to be seriously deprived. Nonetheless, this article will identify the top villages in Pakistan that are way more modernized than any other metropolitan city. Being underrated in Pakistan, these villages have adopted modern techniques and better options to live. Keep reading to explore some of these and know their interesting facts.


This is probably the cleanest place in Pakistan. Why, well because the inhabitants take care of the village’s cleanliness themselves. Instead of relying on the government, this village situated in Sindh has strict laws against littering where you are charged a fine doing that. The villagers also contribute money monthly to keep their village free of pollution.


Ehsanpur village resides in KotAddu near Muzaffargarh which has never had electricity power. To fix this problem and give access to electricity to the houses, there is a solar system installed on 20 acres and now this village fully relies on solar energy. 166 houses are powered by this solar energy project taken up by the villagers. Ever seen a village this advanced?


As a nation, we all wish and encourage each other to take responsibility of our country and own it, instead of relying on the government or any organization as such. This village in Sadiquabad runs itself as well as resolves issues without any assistance from the government. The sewerage system is as so that the disposed water is collected through covert passages and is later used for fields.

Rasoolpur Village

Rasoolpur village lies in Punjab and like the rest of the Punjab, very forward and enthusiastic in terms of education. They have been rated to have 100% literacy rate and all the kids have access to schools with 100% enrollment as well. Another astonishing and interesting fact about this village in Pakistan is that it has zero crime rates. Yes, Rasoolpur is safer than many famous places.

So, apart from natural beauty in Pakistan to attract tourists, these ultramodern and systematized Pakistani villages are so intimidating that you would definitely want to pay them a visit.

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