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Does Your Sent Email Leak Your IP Address?


Some Email clients include your IP address in the message header of your sent emails. This gives away your personal information including geographical location to the receiver. This might also let hackers make use of this information to hack or out a bug in your system.

Now Gmail does not disclose your IP if you are using the desktop site or their mobile apps. However if you use a third party client, they may include that information.

Does Your Sent Email Leak Your IP Address?

How you can check if your sent email is leaking your IP address:

  • Send yourself a mail and inspect the header of the message to see if it includes your IP address


  • Go to
  • It shows you the IP address you are currently logged in from
  • You go to the next page, an email id is generated for you
  • Send a mail to the id given
  • You don’t have to include anything in the subject or the content
  • After your mail is sent, it is analyzed and the result  is displayed
  • If your IP address wasn’t found in your mail, it tell you that your IP address is not being leaked

You can also check the Privacy Policy. It clearly states that any personal information like the IP address collected is for testing purposes only. The information is discarded as soon as the test is done. So you need not worry

This is a very easy, fast and effective way for checking if your emails give away your IP address. It is more probable that it is being leaked if you are using clients like Office Outlook (Although does not include your address) or your iPhone’s mail app to send them. Yahoo mail might also include your IP address as well.


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