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ShareX – Best Screen Capture Tool Free Download


It is interesting that on the web there is a free tool that can enable you have the options of capturing the screen. ShareX is such a feature that is not only free but also an open source screen capturing tool for Windows. In addition, it is loaded with extra features and this makes it an interesting app for many web users. Further, this app is portable and hence can be used though the use of a USB cable without the need of you having to install it.

ShareX is a complete app that contains most of the features that are necessary for efficient application of any screen capturing tool. When using this tool, you will be able to capture a fixed area on your screen, with full application windows or even regions that are freehand.

So as to be able to annotate your screenshot images, this tool has an in-built editor that will help you do that. In addition, if you wish to create watermarks they will add automatically to your image immediately the screen captures the image completely.

You may also want to configure this app to auto-upload your screen captures and cloud destinations like Picasa, Box, Flickr, Imgur, Google Drive, Dropbox and many others. Immediately the image is uploaded, the shared URL will be copied to the clipboard for quicker sharing across various social networks.

This software has an in-built timer that will automatically capture screenshots within the selected regions of your screen after a certain designated seconds and then will upload them to your preferred destination.

Above all, ShareX also offers an extra option of recording. It comes with a screen recorder that is able to save your screencasts as either video (MP4) files or as animated GIFs. If you wish to modify your default capture frame rate you can do it so as to achieve the right balance between the quality of the video and the size of the video file. Some of the alternatives to ShareX include PicPick, Skitch, Greenshot and Bug Shooting.


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