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Skin Whitening Tips by Dr Khurram Mushir

Dr. Khurram Mushir is recognized as one of the best skin specialist and according to him, if a person wants glow on his/her skin then he/she has to compromise with the diet because different diets have different effects on the skin. We are sharing some best practiced Skin Whitening Tips by Dr Khurram Mushir.

Skin Whitening Tips by Dr Khurram Mushir

Skin Whitening Tips by Dr Khurram MushirEvery common woman and even man wants fair complexion and clear skin because the beauty of face is necessary to enhance the overall look of a person. There are so many products and creams available in market but the use of those beauty products can be harmful and there is any cream available that change the dark complexion. The homemade whitening facial method introduced by Dr Khurram Mushir is an excellent way of getting soft skin and fair complexion, the regular use of this facial will not harm the skin and it is also not expensive.


Here is the method of Skin Whitening Tips by Dr Khurram Mushir:

  • First of all cleanse the face with a cleanser and then clean it with a sponge.
  • Use apricot scrub for the scrubbing of face and then clean it with sponge.
  • If there are black head or white heads in any part of the face then don’t clean the scrub and use a streamer to get steam for cleaning.
  • Use black head remover applicator or tissue to clean the black heads.
  • Use a good toner for the toning.
  • Use cucumber cream for massage and don’t clean the face and apply mask on it.
  • In the end apply mud mask because it is the best mask.

Technique of making mud mask:

Take dry mask and pour egg whitening, milk in it and then mix it well. Apply the mask on the face and when it becomes dry, rub it for cleaning the face. After that wash face with cold water.

Potato mask for skin whitening:

Use potato mask for the whitening of skin and for it, cut a potato in 2 pieces. Press it tightly and then place it on the face after placing a cloth piece on the face.

Use it at night till morning, all the water in potato will absorb in the skin. In morning, take cotton and dip it in water for cleaning the face. You can also find other Beauty Tips by Dr Khurram Mushir here.

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