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Tips of Facial Hair Removal by Dr Khurram Mushir

Unwanted hair on the face is very annoying and especially for the girls their facial hair is really very embarrassing. Many hair removal facials are available in the market today but the products that are available in the market are really very harmful for the skin especially for the skin of teenagers because these products contains a lot of chemicals which destroys the natural beauty of the skin.

Tips of Facial Hair Removal by Dr Khurram Mushir

Here are some easy and homemade tips of facial hair removal by Dr Khurram Mushir that can be used almost once in a week. Both girls and boys can try this remedy.

You can get unwanted hair free face now without any pain; following are the things which a person can try at home without worrying about any bad side effects.

1. The first thing you have to do is: Get your face waxed after every fifteen or 30 days, as it weakens the root of the hairs so they start to grow weaker and light.

2. The second thing which one can do is: take some sessions (six to eight) of oxygen therapy or blue peel; you can get from easily from the some good doctors or skin experts.

3. The third thing that one can do is, takes some Multani mitii (easily available in bazar), gum, rose water and medicated ubtan. Mixed all these things well and make a past, then apply this paste on the face for half an hour or forty minutes to the unwanted hair and then wash this facial off with the medicated rose water.

4. The fourth thing which works best and can be tried easily is take a handful of the moisturizing milk, lotion or some pea-sized Vitamin A cream, apply it daily at bedtime and then wash it off with lukewarm water in the morning, a person has to do this remedy for thirty days daily.

One can also take capsules of evening promise oil (200mg) daily twice in a day to remove unwanted hairs from the face and make sure that you can’t take these pills during pregnancy.

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