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Why Investing in Tourism is Important

Most people think of tourism as a vacation to a new destination. However, apart from acting as an entertainment getaway, it can benefit the particular country, its economy, its people and the global industry as a whole. We all know that tourism in Pakistan has just been unfortunate since the beginning as it did not receive the attention that it deserves. It is the responsibility of every person to directly or indirectly promote tourism and highlight its importance, especially in Pakistan. We can gain much more through travel and tourism.


Let’s explore the various benefits that can be achieved through tourism and why it is so important for any economy.

Economic Growth

Economic growth is the most important concern for a country. Tourism industry can be a valuable player in boosting the economy. Starting from domestic tourism, locals should travel within Pakistan and share their travel experience so that it encourages others to do so too. Once the locals are convinced, foreign tourists can also be targeted to visit Pakistan and be fascinated by its tremendous offerings. Conclusively, an increase in demand will compel the civil authorities to invest in tourism.

Benefit Local People

Traveling is not a luxury but a necessity because of its uncountable advantages. Local tourism is always inexpensive than foreign and it is a two way beneficial cycle for all. The travelers can attain this luxury on a budget while local businesses that are associated with tourism (hotels, restaurants, transportation) can flourish as well.

Highlight the Tourist Spots

Not many people know their country inside out, and so do we. Pakistan is rich in natural beauty like mountains, beach, lakes, valleys, waterfalls and spectacular sites. It is also home to several tourist spots including heritage sites, monuments, cultural locations, manmade developments, top hotels and restaurants and what not. By promoting tourism as a whole, we not only promote its benefits but also highlight the unrecognized sites in the country.

High Standard of Living

As we now know that traveling is not a luxury but a lifestyle, we can surely believe that tourism can improve the standard of living. High standards of living do not only mean being richer or spending more, but it links to good health as well. Traveling is a vacation that can release one’s tensions and act as an escape from the daily routine. If you’re healthy, happy and tension-free, you have a high standard of living.

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